UPDATE - August 2016, The below information is out of date, please contact Eric at 919-624-4793 for appliance pick up and disposal.

Raleigh, NC., March 7, 2014 - Raleigh Metal Recycling, is Raleigh, Cary and Durham's leader in paying Cash for Junk cars, Junk car removal and are the #1 Buyer of Junk cars in Raleigh, NC.

"We have been leaders for many years in paying top dollar meaning we pay cash for Junk cars", said Greg Brown, CEO of Raleigh Metal Recycling. "We buy cars in any condition", continued Brown.

When you are looking for fast cash for your junk car, or for junk car removal, call us or come see us. We are the best in Junk Car Removal and the Best for people that are looking to "Tow My Junk Car for Cash". If you want cash on the spot for your car, just call Dave at 919-758-3764 and he will be there in hours to pay you cash on the spot.

Or drive it in, push it in or tow it in to us at:

Raleigh Metal Recycling
2310 Garner Road
Raleigh, NC, 27610
Tel 919-828-5426

If you want to sell your junk car without a title, or as some say are looking for cash for my junk car without a title, we can do that only if the car is older than 10 model years. That NC state law. Of course you also need valid photo ID when you sell your car.

Raleigh Metal Recycling is the largest Full Service car junk yard, scrap yard in Raleigh, buying Metal, Batteries, Electronics, Cardboard and more from the Public and Industrial companies. Raleigh Metal Recycling is also part of the same company that runs Goldsboro Metal Recycling, www.goldsbsoroscrapmetalrecycling.com and Wilson Metal Recycling, www.wilsonncscrapmetalrecyclingjg.com.

For more information contact
Greg Brown
Tel: 919-828-5426
2310 Garner Road, Raleigh, NC 27610