Durham, NC is a major market for us at Raleigh Metal Recycling. Our trucks are there daily picking up material from demolition sites as well as commercial and industrial companies. We have the top prices per pound for copper, steel, iron and aluminum, including aluminum cans, electronics, copiers, printers, computers, batteries and even baled cardboard and paper. We do not care if the computers, LCD monitors are old, or broken, we buy them. We also buy junk cars, salvage cars and pay cash, real money. If the car is 10 model years old or older, we do not need a title, no title, no registration. We you buy junk car without a title! We love Durham, so if from 27707, 27503, 27703, 27704, 27705, 27712, 27713 we service the market when you are looking for a junk yard near me! We are not just a scrap metal dealer, or a junkyard, or a salvage yard. We are so close to Durham County, that we can be considered a Durham Recycling Center, Recycling location. If you need junk car, wrecked car, clunker, removal service, pick up, or towing service, call Kenny at 919-348-0545. He pays cash on the spot! We also buy washers, dryers, old stoves, and more. Dispose, recycle appliances with us. We are also a car battery store. We sell freshly charged, used, cheap, affordable, refurbished car batteries, for your GM, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota Honda, Nissan, Chrysler. If you are trying to find where to recycle metal, electronics or batteries, call us. We even sell marine, AGM, RV deep cycle batteries. We are scrap metal buyers, sellers for your metal scraps, even if iron, brass, lead and more at the best prices in North Carolina.