NC Scrap Metal Prices in Raleigh for Copper, Aluminum and Junk Cars

NC Scrap metal prices for Steel are looking to be down yet again next week.  We will be at prices from 1993.  About 4 years ago, we were paying about $360 for a scrap Toyota Camry. We may only be able to pay about $35 next week for that same car, down more than 90%.  The Chinese are not only dealing with their slowing economy, but they are flooding the U.S. with steel that they are making, which is hurting us here in the U.S.  See the graph below.  If steel comes down next week as we think it will, prices will be where they were in 1993, 22 years ago.  For more information on prices see our weekly new video at: Scrap Pricing News Video

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