NC Scrap Metal Prices, Raleigh Metal Recycling-12/5/15-Today’s Prices per Pound

Scrap Metal prices for Steel have come up yet again in the past two weeks.  This is good news, but we do NOT see a boom in prices coming any time soon as others have written.  While over the next year, there could be some increases, we and almost all we know say the increases will be very small.  The key issues remains the China slow down, the U.S. weak steel production and the U.S. Economy doing better than others, so the U.S. Dollar (Currency) is “Strong”, which means commodity prices which are priced in Dollars, will remain low.  Copper and Aluminum prices per pound have seen very small increases at this point.  Battery prices remain stable.  Remember we are now Selling Used Car Batteries!

So, for your scrap metal, Appliances, Junk cars and more, come see us at Raleigh Metal Recycling

Greg Brown


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