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Today’s Scrap Metal Prices Copper in Raleigh, NC, Durham NC

July 30th, 2013

Today’s Scrap Metal Prices Copper in Raleigh, NC and Durham, NC     Just when we thought things were about to get better for Copper, Pow!!  Copper hit is lowest point in over three weeks today.  China remains the key issue with Europe slowness being an issue as well.   For our current prices call […]

Scrap Metal Recycling, Today’s prices, Durham, NC, Clayton

July 29th, 2013

Raleigh, NC, North CarolinaToday’s Scrap Metal Prices in Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC, Clayton, NC 7.29.13Industrial/Demolition & Public    Today’s scrap metal prices for Steel-Update are a bit higher than they were last month, but changes all the time.  As we have said, you can actually go to websites like and watch the price of […]

Current Scrap Metal Recycling in Raleigh, NC

July 8th, 2013

Current Scrap Metal Recycling In Raleigh, NC and Durham, NC Scrap Metal is how we started.  Yes we now buy Batteries, Cardboard, Computers, Electronics and even some Plastics, but scrap metal is where we began.  In recent years we have even become the largest buyer of Junk Cars in Raleigh.  Our thanks to Janie Sweat […]

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