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Fayetteville, NC Scrap Metal Recycling

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Fayetteville, NC Scrap Metal Recycling is important to us at Raleigh Metal Recycling.  We are major buyers from Fayetteville and we are there daily.  We pay Top dollar per pound for copper wire, copper tubing, aluminum cans, junk cars, computers, brass, lead, electronics, e-waste, printers, copiers, can batteries and more.  We pay real money at great current prices today and every day.  We even buy used old broken appliances, stove, air conditioners. A scrap metal dealer that buys your scraps here in North Carolina. We are close some consider us a Fayetteville Recycling center, or a Fayetteville Drop off location for batteries, electronics and appliances.  We are a major Recycling Center that service the area, buying aluminum cans and more! Sell to us right here in North Carolina.  We are major buyers of scrap metal and we buy as little as one pound of aluminum cans, to truck loads. We buy stainless steel, iron, and more! You can even drive your car to us and we pay cash for you old clunker.  If 10 model years or older we do not need a title, we buy, without a title, no registration.  Of course you need a VIN and the car can not have a lien.  We are also a Car Battery store.  We sell low cost, cheap, used, full tested car batteries and truck batteries complete with a 90 day Exchange.  FREE testing of your battery. So, for Fayetteville copper, steel, aluminum, iron, computers, batteries that you need to recycle, and need to sell, call us for great prices right here in North Carolina.

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