Durham, NC Metal Scrap Recycling in North Carolina Prices, Steel, Copper, Aluminum

Durham, NC Metal Scrap Recycling

In North Carolina for Great Prices

Copper, Junk Cars, Salvage Yard

Durham, NC, continues to be a key market for and and our trucks are there daily, picking up scrap metal from Factories, Plant clean outs, Demolition sites and more.  Our course people drive and two their junk cars to us where we pay top dollar, running or not, key or not!  We do by cars without a title, only it is it 10 model years or older, no registration, but of course we need a VIN.

We are buyers of scrap metal, copper, aluminum, computers, batteries and more.  We even buy old appliances, printers, hot water heaters and more.

We buy from Durham, North Carolina zip codes 27707, 27503, 27703, 27704, 27705, 27712, 27713 and others in the area.

We even sell car and truck batteries that are on sale for about  50% off what you would  pay for a new battery, for your GM, Ford 150, Toyota Camry, Nissan, Honda Civic and more!

We have great prices per pound for copper, aluminum cans, junk cars and more. If you are looking to recycle your material call us for great current prices today!

Greg Brown


Durham, NC Metal Scrap Recycling Great prices



Durham, NC, Junk.My.Car.for.Cash

Durham, NC Junk my car for cash, junkyard


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Durham, NC, scrap my appliances, metal

Durham, NC Scrap Metal Recycling

Durham, NC scrap metal


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