Scrap Metal Recycling, Raleigh, NC Prices Per pound for Steel, Junk Cars

Scrap Metal, Raleigh, NC

Prices per Pound for Steel, Junk Cars for Cash

Salvage Yard Near Me in North Carolina

Raleigh Metal Recycling continues to do all we can to pay Top Dollar-Cash for scrap metal in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and for all in North Carolina.  With that said, due to global and NC market conditions today we were forced to drop price $.75/Hundred pound on Steel-Ferrous.

We will continue to watch the markets for steel, and will work as hard as posisble to pay the the most per pound for Junk Cars and your Salvage Car!

Keep in mind we buy and recycling copper, aluminum, batteries and more.  We are not just a Drop off Center.  We are Raleigh Recycling location at its best here in Wake County, so when you are looking for a place to recycling your aluminum cans near me, come see us at Raleigh Metal Recycling.

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