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Copper Scrap Metal Recycling
Raleigh Metal Recycling
2310 Garner Road
Raleigh, NC, 27610
Tel 919-828-5426
bare bright copper wire recycling
This Grade of Copper is Called “Bare Bright.”
For Wire to be “Bare Bright” it Must be a Specific Color & Width.

Raleigh Metal Recycling buys all types of copper including:
·         Bare Bright Copper
·         #1 Copper
·         #2 Copper
·         Insulated Copper
·         #2 Insulated Copper
·         House wire
·         Romex
·         #1 Insulated
·         #2 Insulated
·         Copper pipe
·         Copper roofing
  • Copper with other materials
Sometimes it is easy to tell the difference between two grades of Copper. Copper #1 is Copper that has begun to tarnish and can be black in color; however, if there is any green on the piece of metal, we must buy the Copper as Copper #2. Sometimes the grade of Copper is less obvious. “Bare Bright” is the grade of Copper that you will get the most money for. Bare Bright Copper is completely untarnished (the pure, shiny Copper) however, there are also rules about the size of the wire that we can buy and sell as bare bright. If the wire is the color of bare bright but is too thin, we must buy the Copper as #2 Copper. If the wire is the color of bare bright but is too thick, we will buy the wire as #1 Copper.
The prices we will pay for Copper Wire Coated in plastic will depend on the amount of wire inside the plastic.
At Raleigh Metal Recycling you get MORE CASH for your COPPER SCRAP METAL!
Recycle your Copper at Raleigh Metal Recycling Today!
Greg Brown

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