Garage Brothers, Garage Gold on DIY Fund Raiser

Garage Gold on DIY Network
Garage Brothers
FUND Raiser-ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
This Saturday, August 30th at 9-2:00 PM at 3720 Overlook Road, Raleigh is the annual fundraiser for ALS run by the great team of Garage Brothers, who are the stars of Garage Gold on the DIY Channel.
Tons of stuff they are selling is stuff that is featured on their top viewing TV program. 
This is an important event for an important cause. 
We at Raleigh Metal Recycling the #1 Full Service Scrap Metal Recycling operation in Raleigh, NC are proud to support Kraig Bantle and his team as they clean out garages and bring us their recycled material. 
Kraig, keep up the good work.  We at Raleigh Metal Recycling hereby declare that we will donate $1,000 to your total!
Greg Brown

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