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Scrap Recycling – What we Buy/do!
Scrap Steel Recycling
Scrap Copper Recycling
Junk Cars/Salvage Cars
Scrap Aluminum Recycling
Scrap Stainless Steel Recycling
Appliance Recycling
Scrap Metal all types Recycling
Scrap Computer Recycling
Scrap Cardboard Recycling
Scrap Plastics Recycling
Scrap Steel Recycling (Iron, Metal, Cast)

We sell Direct to Steel Mills and ship by highly efficient Rail, so we can offer you the best Service, Support and Prices.  Others ship by truck and sell to brokers (middlemen)!
-Plate and Structural
(P&S)-As the name says, this is steel that is made up of plates and structures.  Plates being flat pieces and structures being beams.  the material has to be at least 1/4 inch think.  It can be any size, but to get the best prices, in some cases it can be 18″ x 2′, with most other sized being 18″ x 3′ or 18″ x 5′.  Of course we can buy them up to any size as in we should took delivery of 46′ beams.  We own 53′ trailers, so we can save you money by buying these very large beams, to save you from cutting them u.  Just another service that we at Raleigh Metal Recycling, in North Carolina offer.  Under 18″ x 5′, if is call Prepared.  Over that, unprepared.

-Heavy Melting Steel (HMS)
-This is the most common steel out there.  Again we by it in the similar sizes as above, with the 18″ x 3′ being the most popular, so we by Prepared and unprepared for Recycling.

Junk Cars/Salvage Cars
We are the #1 Buyer of cars in Raleigh.  Yes others say that, but they are not even in Raleigh and when it comes to buying cars from the Public, we are #1 in the Triangle.  We are #1, due to great service, great service and great prices.  WE TOW, or you can drive in, or tow in to us.  For junk car removal call Kenny at 919-348-0545.  To sell you car for cash, call us today!

Scrap Aluminum Recycling
There are many kinds of aluminum.  We of course love Aluminum can recycling.  If you want to know what is today’s price for Aluminum Cans, call us at 919-828-5426 and press 2.  As for other aluminum the cost common we buy is called Old Sheet, which is Aluminum with about 1-5% other material  This could be small steel screws, insulation, gaskets, etc.  If you remove 100% of that ‘other material it we pay more!  We also buy extruded aluminum, cast aluminum and more. 

Copper Recycling
Copper recycling is one of our biggest products.  The main types are:
Bare Bright Copper-New shinny wire
#1 Copper-Clean (no attachments-solder, insulation, etc.) and it can be pipe or wire.  For wire each strand has to be at least the thickness of the lead of a lead pencil!
#2 Copper-Can be pipe or wire, but have tin coating, solder, or burnt insulation
#1 Insulated-Insulated wire that has a wide range of thickness of insulation
#2 Insulated-Insulated wire that has tin coating, or each strand is the thickness of a hair
Sheet Copper-Thin copper from roofs or other applications

Stainless Steel Recycling
304 (18/8)
This is the most common type of Stainless steel.  We buy it either clean (no attachments), or dirty (steel screws, some insulation, etc). Note this is not magnetic

A very low grade of Stainless that we buy for about the price of steel. It is magnetic

The good stuff.  A high grade of stainless that we pay top dollar for

Appliance Recycling
-We buy appliances from commercial companies and the public.  When it comes to Appliance Disposal or for you to know who to dispose of my appliance, come see us.  We buy them

Computer Recycling, Dispose of my computer
We make it easy at Raleigh Metal Recycling in NC, we by them.  Sorry, not the monitors.  Yes we are leaders in computer laptop recycling as well as just computer recycling.  This makes us the larges company buying computers from the public in the Triangle

Battery Recycling, Battery Disposal
We do it all
-Lead Acid Batteries-Car, Auto, lawn mower, UPS (computer back up)
-Li-Ion Batteries-Computers, Cell phones, tools
-Ni-Mh Batteries-Tools and more
-Ni-Cad-Tools, flashlights

Cardboard Recycling and Paper Recycling
Cardboard recycling is a growing part of what we do.  We buy, by the bale (about 1,000 each) and support your efforts by picking them up.  Of course we buy Paper as well.

Plastics Recycling
Plastics have been growing for decades in what we use.  We now buy many types of plastics, with a focus on HDPE and PP. 

When in Raleigh, Durham, Clayton, NC, Henderson, Wake Forest, Burlington, Fayetteville, come see us at:

Raleigh Recycling
2310 Garner Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27610

Tel 919-828-5426

When in Goldsboro, LaGrange, Wilson, Kinston, Mt. Olive, Smithfield, New Bern, come see us at:

Goldsboro Recycling
801 N. John St.
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Tel: 919-731-5600

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