Copper Scrap Prices for Wire, Metal

Copper Scrap Prices for Wire, Metal
Raleigh NC, Durham, NC, Garner, NC
Copper prices remain at a low end of where they have been in the past year.  Did you know that copper scrap is priced based on global demand?  Importantly, copper recycling is a big business all over the world.  We try to pay the most we can, and our price is based on what we can sell it for.  The good news is that our high volume of copper coming in is due to our great customers, whether they be the public, factories, or partner recycling operations that sell to us. And even with the slight drop, we still get great prices whose benefit is passed on to you, the ones who keep us going.  

Still committed to paying it forward

We are the largest scrap metal buyer in Raleigh, NC, and we’re the largest scrap metal buyer from the public and industrial companies in the entire Triangle. So, despite this slight dip in price, we’re doing our best to bring our great purchasing power to you!  Of course, we also buy Junk Cars and Salvage cars, and even batteries, computers, electronics, steel and Aluminum cans.  Come see us if you are in Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Clayton and Henderson and more.  We are Raleigh Recycling at its best.

Copper Scrap prices Wire, Metal

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