Steel Recyclers welcome at Raleigh Metal Recycling

Steel recyclers are definitely, without the shadow of a doubt, welcome at Raleigh Metal Recycling, 2310 Garner Rd, in Raleigh, NC near downtown, and we’re ready to take those hundreds or thousands of pounds of saved-up steel off your hands. Drive in and come around the left side of our building to our top-of-the-line truck scales. A friendly scale operator will be waiting to weigh you in.

steel recyclers, come through the truck scales with all that scrap!

First-timers: Have your ID ready

If you’ve never delivered anything to The Yard before, have an official I.D. handy so you’ll have an account and will be able to get our specials from that day forward. Then, our friendly crane operators and on-the-ground helpers will get you off-loaded, lickity-split, quickly and safely. And remember- this is a metal yard; we’re ready for action even on the nastiest days!

steel recyclers, drive on through and let the yardmen take that metal!

Getting the best deal for your steel (got to love some rhyming)

Steel that is considered “clean” has no rubber or other alloys attached to it. Clean, steel pieces 3 feet or less we buy for a higher price than longer pieces. We also offer the best prices in town for clean auto cast, cast iron, clean tin, dirty motors, transmissions, and even Whole Cars you might want to get rid of.

Have lots and lots of metal, but it’s not steel?

Though some know us as the great steel recyclers we are, you can just as well deliver a lot of other metals to Raleigh Metal Recycling. Want to know more of what we buy? Give this button a click:


We take a lot more than people realize, though we still don’t take tires, TVs, computer monitors, or whole propane tanks (we take propane tanks only if they’re cut in half first). A few Wake County “Convenience Centers” do take some of these more hazardous items, though, and you can give them a call at 919-856-6186 if you’ve had enough of surfing the web for the day.

Sure, we’ll admit we’re not the only steel recyclers in town, but we will admit that we’re among the best. We’re excited to serve all we can in the greater Raleigh-Durham area.

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