Scrap Metal Prices Raleigh, NC, Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Wood, etc.


Raleigh Metal Recycling (Formerly K & L Scrap), in NC was founded as a Scrap Metal & Salvage Yard / Scrap Yard in the 1930's and was purchased by Seymour Brown in 1968. His father Joseph S. Brown, moved to Goldsboro, North Carolina from Dayton, Ohio in 1922 and opened Goldsboro Iron and Metal, now known as Goldsboro Metal Recycling. In the 1930s he also took over what is now known as Wilson Metal Recycling JG.

Seymour Brown, also known as "Junk Brown" began running the company in 1937. Under Seymour, the company became the Emerald of Isle of the Scrap Metal Recycling business in North Carolina. He built the largest Scrap Metal Salvage operation in NC. Having also purchased the location now known as Raleigh Metal Recycling and Wilson Metal Recycling, the Goldsboro, Raleigh, Wilson locations became leaders in Scrap Metal Recycling: Scrap Steel, Scrap Copper, Scrap Aluminum, Scrap Brass, Junk Cars, (Salvage Cars) and even Aluminum Can recycling, with great scrap metal prices per pound. When Seymour Brown died in 1993, his family had management, a lawyer and an accountant supervise the company. He also sold Wilson Metal Recycling to Jeff Charles, who today runs it in partnership with the Raleigh and Goldsboro Recycling Centers.

We are now becoming more of a full service Recycling Center by buying, Lead Acid batteries, Computers, Appliances, Electronics, Cardboard, Paper, Plastics and even Wood in some areas. Our 14 full time drivers make us the largest privately owned, Recycling only, focused fleet in North Carolina.

In August, 2007, the company was acquired by Greg Brown, who began a transformation of the facilities as Scrap Metal Recycling Centers became an ever more important part of the Global economy.

Today, the Recycling Centers of, Raleigh Metal Recycling, Goldsboro Metal Recycling and Wilson Metal Recycling are thriving as they process and buy all types of Scrap Steel, Scrap copper, scrap aluminum Junk Cars and Salvage Cars. Now the move to buy Electronics, Cardboard, Paper, Plastic and wood in some areas, at great prices with Great Service is a reality. Importantly though Safety is First as we continue to grow and improve on efficiency and most importantly, customer service. The Raleigh Operation was even named as one of the "Fast 50". One of the 50 fastest growing companies in the "Triangle" Raleigh, Cary, Durham North Carolina.

We are on the cutting edge of the recycling industry to improve our environment and to ensure competitive prices for a full range of materials. We are no longer a "scrap yard", but rather a Recycling Operation offering the Best in Products and Services. Scrap Metal and Scrap Metal Recycling and Electronics, Cardboard, Paper, Plastics and Wood is our Business.

Thank you for reading about us and we look forward to doing business together.

The Teams at Raleigh Recycling, Goldsboro Recycling and Wilson Recycling JG